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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How do you choose a good psychotherapist?

Often people ask me “how do I know if I have a good psychotherapist”? Of course there are no “right” answers, just opinions. We know that anti-depressants do not work as well unless accompanied with psychotherapy, we know that a psychotherapist can help a person with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, to name a few. So, how do you find the right psychotherapist for yourself? Probably only you know deep down inside yourself what works when you are in front of the person. There are some obvious "red flags" that should deter you and a place to start:

• When the therapist does more talking than you in successive sessions
• When he or she offers you a quick label or diagnosis
• When you feel he or she is not listening to you
• You get the feeling that the therapist has his/her own agenda and nothing you say seems to be followed in threads of conversation
• When the therapist gives lots of advise in many areas, is a “know it all”.
• When the therapist “name drops a lot” and does not stay focused on you.
• When the therapist gives “cookie cutter answers” to your problems which sounds like it is from a “self help book”.
• When the therapist continually wants you to buy more sessions, sells supplements or other things and does not seem to take “no” for an answer.
• If the therapist goes past your (client) boundaries and wants to be a “friend” or meet for dinner, or talks about themselves rather than you.
• If you confront your therapist on not helping you and he/she becomes defensive and or angry

You may have some stories to share on your experiences with psychotherapy. Let us know!


  • I had one good therapist. I think she really helped me on an emotional level. Maybe you need someone who is stronger than you are to help you. Also, someone who is non-judgmental is important.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:43 AM  

  • Thanks for the comment. Sometimes it takes a non-judgemental person or a referee to sail through the storms of life.

    By Blogger Garth Mintun, At 11:50 AM  

  • Sue Johnson along with Les Greenberg Psychotherapie

    By Blogger Unknown, At 12:08 AM  

  • Choosing the right therapist is very important. He/she should have experience and good knowledge.The points you mentioned here is very relevant

    By Anonymous Albert, At 7:14 AM  

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